Retire with Confidence

As you sift through all the information on the internet and advice from your friends and family it’s easy to get overloaded with information.  Annuities can offer you the peace of mind through lifetime income and safety.

Own your retirement plan by setting yourself up for success. You know what you are out to accomplish in retirement. Know how each part of it works and why it works.

If you need a vote of confidence or help putting the puzzle pieces together, reach out to us and learn how we can help.

How do You Retire with Confidence?

“Will I outlive my money?” or “Do I have enough money?”

You have a retirement PLAN, right? Winging it is not a retirement plan. A true retirement plan is one based on your real numbers such as your debt, how much income you’ll need, your current assets and the cost of your lifestyle. It’s an evaluation of your entire financial picture to ensure you have enough to carry you forward for the rest of your life.

With a well thought out and constructed plan, you’ll have those answers in front of you. Retiring is a huge decision. Don’t just wing it or have the “I’ll deal with it when the time comes attitude”. Have a plan! That plan does NOT have to be complicated or confusing!

Knowing your numbers.

Before you make the leap into retirement know how much debt you’ll be on the hook for, how much income you’ll need and where that income is going to come from.

Knowing how much money you’ll need in retirement requires knowing what kind of lifestyle you are planning for. If your lifestyle isn’t going to deviate too far from when you were working, your current budget expenses can work with just a few changes. However, if you plan on retiring and picking up a new hobby or hitting the road traveling, then this new lifestyle needs to really be examined from a number perspective. It is time to make some projections as to the cost of your desired retirement lifestyle. You want to be as close as you possibly can be because you want to eliminate as many surprises as possible. If your plan includes debt, don’t forget to include that monthly obligation. Know what your budget will be!

Understanding how your assets can produce income is important to know to have a clear picture of whether you’ll have enough money or if you’ll outlive it. Some examples of assets are your bank accounts, retirement savings accounts and real estate to name a few. If your assets don’t produce enough income to cover your lifestyle, then some adjustments need to be made to your plan. Know how much your income will be! Having consistent income from social security, pensions or annuities makes planning easier.

Whether you are doing your retirement planning on your own or getting advice from someone, stay involved with your money. Know how much risk you are taking, know if your funds are outperforming their index, know the fees you are paying, set goals and make sure you are hitting them. Get involved and stay involved with your money.

When you have an intimate relationship with your money and your budget fits your lifestyle, your retirement can be solid. You’ll know if you will have enough money and whether you’ll outlive it.

Retire without worry and with confidence.

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